Miniature Horse Adoption Application

Middle Name required for background check.
month/day/year. Required for background check.
Please check junk folder if you do not see a response from us after 3 business days.
Including horse's name, multiple names, or "open for recommendation"
Including all small and large animals.
We require a history or routine annual pet care for small and large animals. Please call your veterinarian clinic to allow permission for Coco's Heart to get access to your information. We also require all small animals in your home must be spayed/neutered. If you are looking to adopt a mare, we will not adopt to a home with a stallion on the property.
Are you prepared financially for annual and emergency care? *
Coco's Heart values high quality veterinary care and a great patient-veterinarian relationship. This includes farrier care for horses/other large animals
Are you prepared to help give your miniature horse time, patience, and training while adapting to a new environment? *
If so, please explain which ones and what your role in the club/organization is.
Please provide the method of transport and what the miniature horse will be traveling in.
If not stalled, please explain your shelter structure.
Are you looking to adopt the horse as a pasture pet? *
Are you looking to train your horse to use a cart? *
We do not hold horses or applications. Please apply when you are prepared to adopt the horse including when you have transport arrangements planned.
We require all horses to come back to Coco's Heart if you cannot keep in the future. We expect our adopters to make lifelong commitments.
Have you researched city ordinances to confirm the horses living space is zoned for horses? *
Do you understand that, should we proceed with an adoption, that our adoption agreement is a no breed-no sell contract? You may not use this horse for breeding and you will not allow it to be impregnated if a mare. If you are no longer able to keep the horse, or no longer want it, you must return him/her to Coco's Heart. *
Are you currently or have you ever fostered/adopted/volunteered for Coco's Heart? *
I had paid the one time application processing fee. Please refer to "Wish List" on our website if not. *
We will not process your application until the fee has been paid.
Your application may not be answered if we cannot match your fee to your application.