Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue FAQs:

With the large number of amazing Coco’s Heart volunteers, donors and interested adopters, we would love everyone to know that we appreciate your passion and your help to keep Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue the amazing organization that it is! We have processes in place to streamline things as best we can, and in order to make our growing organization be the best it can be, we have processes that help assure our rescue stays top quality! We hope these FAQs, along with our website, help answer some questions! Thank you for choosing to rescue!

What are your shelter hours? 
We do not have a shelter, all of our dogs are in separate foster homes, and require an application to hold the dog and set up an appointment to meet the dog you are interested in. We do have an office for administrative purposes.  

I just have a quick question about a dog before I apply, who do I contact?
We suggest that you fill out an application. There is no obligation to adopt once you learn more about the dog or meet them. Due to the volume of emails we receive, we give priority to people who have filled out an application. We appreciate people’s interest and enthusiasm with dog rescue, and hope that a serious adopter would take the time to apply and go by our process. It really does work!

How soon after I apply will I hear from you?                                                                                                                                                                   We process our adoptions applications within 1-3 business days. Often times, you will hear from us within 24-48 hours after applying. Please check your JUNK FOLDER perodically as sometimes our e-mails end up there. We will respond to every application, no matter what. If you do not receive an e-mail from us, it will be in your junk/bulk folder- we have not forgotten about you!

What is your phone number?
We do not have a public phone. We document all our correspondences using email. Very often, all questions can be answered on our website. You can also ask a question in your application. Details about a specific dog’s weight, personality, etc. will be answered if you are the first applicant in line for that dog. We appreciate people’s understanding about the high volume of interest, and why we need to communicate via email. It allows us to be fair and keep inquiries in order.

Why are your adoption fees so “high”?
Our adoption fees are non-negotiable, and are the same whether you are a part of Coco’s Heart as a volunteer or not. Our adoption fees go toward our high quality vetting, and keep our rescue going! More information on what goes into our fees and vetting can be found in the adoption section of our website.

Do you discount your fees?
Our fees are non-negotiable. If you cannot afford an adoption fee, we suggest that you research the costs involved in dog ownership. Veterinarians are a good resource to contact if you would like to know the costs involved in dog ownership. The adoption fee is only the beginning!

Do you adopt outside of the Twin Cities/Hudson area?
Yes! We adopt all over the USA and sometimes out of the country. However, the applicant needs to be able to meet the dog in person in the Twin Cities/Hudson, WI area. We also complete a home visit in your area, so it can take a bit longer while waiting for the adoption process to complete.

If I previously applied for, or adopted a dog from you, do I need to reapply?
If you received an email communication in response to your previous application, you can reply to that email, or email and ask if your application is on file. If you applied or adopted before April, 2015, or if your information has significantly changed, please fill out our online adoption form again.

Why do you spend so much on your vet bills?
We have made a conscious decision to use veterinarians to administer all of our exams, vaccinations and care, just as the owner will do once they adopt and take over future medical care. We want our dogs to have the best start possible. For more information about what our veterinarians do when our dogs arrive to rescue, please read the adoption page to learn where our fees go. Our adoption fees reflect our high quality vet care.

Are you a non profit?
Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization,  501 (c)3 status. State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 400340-DS

I want to adopt a puppy. Can I meet the litter and choose?
Applicants choose a puppy to set up a meet with based on their website profile. We do not allow visits with our litters until the puppies have had 2 rounds of vaccinations to ensure they are healthy when adopted. Many visitors can jeopardize a litter’s health and cause the puppies to become sick. When the applicant chooses a puppy that is available, we hold that puppy “pending” for them until the meet and greet. Then, the applicant can decide if they would like to finalize adoption at that time. Each puppy in a litter will only have one applicant signed up to meet them, we do not accept multiple applicants for our dogs or puppies. In the unlikely event the applicant does not finalize adoption at the meet, we move to the next interested applicant.

Which dogs will be at your upcoming adoption event?
We do not require our fosters to sign up for events, it is all volunteer. Please stop by to see if the dog you are interested in is there. If you want to meet a specific dog, please apply. You are not obligated to meet or adopt once you apply if you do not feel the dog is a match. We can find the best match for you by reading your application!