Adoption Application

Below is the application for adoption. We have many questions in the application that are only for informational purposes to match owners to the right dogs. So, don't worry about having the "right" answers! These questions are ones that a new dog owner might not have considered and might find helpful-we want to make lifelong matches. Remember, an application is just the first step in meeting the dog you are interested in. Please fill in all the fields, your application will not go through if an item is left blank. We do complete background checks and call veterinary references. We require all animals in the home to be spayed or neutered and up to date on annual care. Thank you for choosing rescue- we look forward to hearing from you soon!

*NOTE: As stated on our adoption process page (read that page before filling out the application!), please apply at the time you are ready to adopt (we cannot schedule meets more than a week out)-we cannot hold dogs or process an application if you are not ready to adopt the dog at that time-including vacations. If you are working with other rescues, please finish the process with them before applying with us-we do a lot of up-front work when you submit an application.

We require a $25 processing fee for any application submitted. The processing fee is a one time fee and is non-refundable regarding if you are approved or not. We will not proceed with the adoption process until we have received your payment. If your preferred dog/puppy is already pending or unavailable, we are committed to finding you a match! You can find our processing fee payment method here.

If you have not already read through our website, please read the pages below as they will give you many answers and information on how our organization processes applications and more about our adoption process.  

Frequently Asked Questions- Important to read! Many of your questions will be answered here.

Learn about our adoption process and what to expect here.

Name of Applicant Applying *
Name of Applicant Applying
Please provide middle name. Required for background check.
Birthdate of Applicant Applying *
Birthdate of Applicant Applying
Must be 18+ years old. We will not respond to applications for anyone under 18 years old.
Please provide full names and date of births for anyone in the home over 18+ years old. If none, please say N/A. Required for background check.
Phone *
Full Address of Applicant *
Full Address of Applicant
What size home you you live in? *
Include dog's name, multiple names or write "open for recommendation". Please note- not all dogs may be available. If the dog you are interested in is not available, we will do our best to find you a perfect match. Please also list the dogs in the order you are MOST interested in. We also focus on only one dog per applicant at a time.
We require a history of routine, annual pet care and all pets in home to be altered unless medical reason. Please put a note in your veterinarian records giving Coco’s Heart permission to access your records or your application will be delayed. We also require all pets in the home to be spayed or neutered.
Coco's Heart provides great vet care to our dogs while in rescue. Once finalized, adopters are responsible for care. We expect our adopters to continue that care.
Are all your current pets or pets living in your home spayed or neutered? *
Are you prepared financially for annual and emergency care? *
Do you have pet insurance? *
We recommend
Do you have plans to enroll in obedience class for your new dog? *
Please read our website (FAQ) for more information on our requirements.
This is helpful for us when making matches based on the history/evaluation of the individual dogs in rescue.
Are you open to housebreaking your new dog? *
Regardless of housebreaking status, accidents are expected from any dog during transition.
We do not hold dogs or applications. Please apply when you are prepared to take the dog. The initial approval only takes 1-3 days. And we cannot schedule a meet more than a week out.
We require all dogs to come back to Coco’s if you cannot keep in the future. We expect our adopters to make lifelong commitments when pursuing an adoption.
If you have behavior issues with your dog in the future, would you consult a behaviorist?
We have seen dogs come back to rescue that could have been resolved with a little extra effort.
I acknowledge CHDR evaluations cannot guarantee behaviors when introduced to new environments, dogs, cats, etc...although this information can provide experiences reported to Coco's Heart by others, including foster parents. *
Have you researched your home insurance, your city and/or association ordinances? *
It is helpful when we are making matches and to make sure you are allowed certain dogs.
I have paid the one time processing fee with my application. (Instructions and link found on our adoption page.) *
We will not process your application until fee is received.
Are you currently or have you ever been a foster/adopter/volunteer for Coco's Heart? *
CHDR is located out of the Twin Cities/Hudson WI area and do not require our volunteers to travel. We ask our applicants to be able to come to our area to meet the dog to ensure the match is correct. Is this something you are able to commit to doing in a timely manner? *
We do not have a radius we allow adoptions for but do not ship or arrange transport for our dogs.
Coco's Heart does their very best to keep our website as up to date as possible. I understand that the dog I am interested in may not be available and Coco's Heart will do their best to provide recommendations or place me on the waiting list. *
I understand in order to keep my place in line for the dog I am interested in, I must reply within 24 hours of each e-mail communication or Coco's Heart will move to the next applicant in line. *
Would you like to receive a monthly newsletter from Coco’s Heart which includes upcoming events, adoptable dogs, and tips on dog safety and wellness? *
Our newsletter is sent via e-mail.
I understand that CHDR adoption fees are non-refundable once an adoption finalizes. This includes situations where the dog is surrendered back to CHDR. *
You will also agree to this when signing our adoption agreement.