Bringing help, hope, and compassion to Canines and their People


About the Program

Coco's Cares Assistance Program is based on the belief that a little help can go a long way. We know that people and their beloved dogs may find themselves in tough situations and need help. Coco's Cares partners with homeless shelters and domestic abuse shelters to help provide care for owned-dogs; for owners that are committed to their dogs in the long-term, despite not being able to care for them in the short term. 



We rely on donations and sponsorships to fund this program. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. More information about donating can be found under our HERE! 

Offered Services

We will provide veterinary care to the dogs, including (but not limited to): spay/neuter, dental, vaccinations, de-worming, and flea/tick preventatives.

We will provide a boarding sponsorship so that the dogs have a safe place to stay while their owners navigate long-term solutions for their family.

We will provide supplies for each dog during their time in the program as well ensuring the dog has new supplies once they settle back into their family. 

We will provide time to each owner where we can discuss the long-term plan for their pets and provide them with support if they choose to surrender their dog for adoption. We understand these decisions are personal and difficult, but we will provide guidance and support to the best of our ability. 

Please e-mail if you have any questions!


Coco's Cares Assistance Program launched in April 2018! We are very excited about this iniative and hope that it will help make a big difference for owned-dogs, and their people, that are going through tough times. 

Week 1: We met this young man, and his sweet dog, at Grace Place (a local homeless shelter) and enrolled them as our first-clients into our program. The love these two have for each other is undeniable. They are loyal to each other and could use a little help right now. We were able to meet them, review our program and paperwork, and get to know each other a little bit- such a great duo! Later that evening we had supplies including a new crate, dog bed, dog food, and toys dropped off at the shelter for them (courtesy of our partner, Angel's Pet World). A few days later we sponsored a veterinary appointment to ensure that Kaito had a chance to meet with a veterinarian and get up-to-date on any recommended care. 

Week 2: We will stay in touch with these two and will do our best to help provide additional support to them, and hope to raise enough funding to enroll the waiting-list of clients/dogs at the homeless shelter into our program later this week. We have everything in place...we just need the funding! 

If you have ever needed a little help in life, without judgement, please consider making a donation towards this cause. Your donation will help to make all the difference in the world to these dogs, and people, in our community. We appreciate your support!