Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue Surrender Inquiry

CHDR receives dozens of requests for help each week. We will respond within 1-3 business days (M-F) only if we have room to help. If the dog you surrendering was adopted from CHDR, you will receive a response from us within the time frame above.

We do require two pictures of the dog you are surrendering. We will not respond to inquiries without pictures sent to

We do require a $25.00 non-refundable fee if we are able to help a dog not adopted through CHDR. We will require this fee before we are able to welcome your dog to rescue.

This is only an inquiry and not a contract. If we are able to help or your dog was adopted through CHDR, you will be required to sign and submit a formal surrender form provided from our Surrender Coordinator.

Name *
I understand that there is a $25 non-refundable fee for surrendering my dog that needs to be paid prior to surrendering. *
This fee is for dogs not adopted from CHDR in the past. This fee is required only if we can welcome your dog to rescue.
Is your dog being returned after previously being adopted from Coco's Heart Dog Rescue? If so, we will respond to the surrender request automatically. *
As a reminder, all dogs adopted from CHDR need to be surrendered back to our organization and follow our standard surrender process. This is outlined in our adoption agreement.
If yes, please provide the name/contact information. Many rescue organizations require dogs to be surrendered back to the original rescue organization if an adopter cannot keep them.
We will respond only if we have room.
If yes, please explain.
If yes, please explain.
If yes, please explain.
If yes, please explain.
If yes, please explain.
Would you be interested in a behaviorist recommendation? *
Often times behaviorists can help make a huge difference in helping owners better communication and succeed together.
Please explain.
Does your dog have experience around cats? *
Does your dog have experience on a leash? *
Is your dog housebroken? *
If yes, please explain.
Are you available to drive your dog to Hudson, WI or New Richmond, WI for surrender? *
Are you interested in fostering your dog until an adopter is found? *
We cannot guarantee how long it will take to find a match.