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Senior dogs are amazing. They are easy going and ready to please. They’ve long out grown the “puppy chewing phase” so your shoes and couch are not at risk of destruction. Their calming personalities can put anyone at ease… it’s like having your very own therapy dog!  And of course there’s the super power-- the ability to sleep for hours on end with very little effort!

So, with all these great qualities, why do senior dogs end up alone at the shelters you ask? It’s often a result of their human counterpart reaching an age where they can no longer care for their canine companion. It’s a very hard time for both human and dog. As their human moves into senior care facility, the senior dog is surrendered to an animal shelter in hopes a new home will be found. Day after day the senior dog waits for a family but is constantly overlooked as most people want to adopt a young puppy with lots of energy. After weeks of living at the shelter the senior dog becomes depressed. They’ve given up all hope that their human will return for them and eventually they shut down. At this point, they are often deemed unadoptable and are euthanized to make room for the younger dogs. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Well that’s where the Super Seniors Fund comes in. Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue created the Super Seniors Fund to raise funds and give deserving senior dogs a chance to live. With the funding received through this program, Coco’s Heart Dogs Rescue works with shelters to rescue senior dogs that would otherwise not have a chance at life. Once in the care of Coco’s Heart, these senior dogs receive high quality medical care and medication for ongoing conditions.

Most importantly, when senior dogs arrived to Coco’s Heart they are placed with a foster family who is ready to shower them with love and attention (very different from their experience at the shelter). Senior dogs live comfortably with their foster family until a forever family is ready to adopt them.  Our foster families are prepared to care for these dogs as long as they need, which can be months or even years!

The cost of veterinary care and ongoing medications for senior dogs adds up quickly and often exceeds the amount covered by their adoption fee. Your donations to the Super Seniors Fund will help save the life of a deserving senior dog. To make a donation, click here and designate “Super Senior Fund”.

Do you want to join the Super Senior Foster Team? It takes a special person with a big heart to foster a senior dog. It can be a very emotional experience as the senior dog may live out their final days/months/years with your family. However, it’s well worth it to know the dog was surrounded by love in your home instead of being scared and alone at the shelter. To learn more about fostering for Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue, click here.